Hlavní obrázek
Permanent exhibitions
The North Bohemian Museum newly features an exhibition of art history “Beauty + Applied Art”, an exhibition focusing on the nature of the Jizera Mountains and the Frýdlant region “Touches of the North”, a local history exhibition “Fragments of Liberec” and a “Photographic Gallery” displaying artistic and historical photographs.
Beauty + applied art

The exhibition displays a historical timeline of art crafts development in Europe as well as life style trends among the middle and upper class society from antiquity to the present time. It also shows the influence of Oriental cultures on European art crafts.

Touches of the north

The new exhibition subtitled Nature of the Jizera Mountains and the Frýdlant Region uses dioramas to show the most important natural phenomena of the Czech north.


The exhibition presents to the general public a collection of self-playing mechanical devices and instruments characterised by intriguing craftwork and ingenuity of long-forgotten technical solutions.

Fragments of Liberec


Expozice Liberecké fragmenty je experimentem a stojí na pomezí temporálních a stálých výstav. Pravidelně se v ní bude měnit vždy část zaměřená na téma typické pro Liberec. V tomto ohledu se jedná v rámci naší více jak 140leté historie o zcela nový koncept, který reaguje na postupnou proměnu společnosti a na poptávku po větší dynamice muzejních institucí.

The exhibition shows the history of Liberec as evidenced by standalone objects from the collections of the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec, the State District Archive Liberec, the Technical Museum of the Jizera Mountains and from private collections.

The museum park

The history of the museum park dates back to 1876, when a botanical garden was founded by the Nature Friends Association. It was the first public botanical garden in the territory of the Czech Republic established as a result of a civil initiative with an intention to raise the public awareness of ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees. Before the museum was built, the municipality had bought the land out from the Nature Friends Association and donated it to the museum’s curators; the Nature Association consequently opened a new botanical garden located at its present whereabouts.

Photographic gallery

An exhibition room blocking out the daylight is designed on the ground floor to house the most sensitive items belonging to collections such as Historical Photographs, Photography Room, Negatives, Diapositives and Post Cards.


An extension to the art craft exhibitions in the northern wing of the museum will show so-called study depositories. This is a rarely used way of physically showing items of a certain sub-collection sorted by material or purpose (glass, textile, china and ceramics, weapons etc.).

External exhibitions

The North Bohemian Museum staff is often involved in creating permanent exhibitions outside the museum and in different institutions. At present, external exhibitions open to visitors include “War Production” in Jiřetín pod Bukovou, “AL Reichenau Concentration Camp & Getewent Arms Factory” in Rychnov u Jablonce nad Nisou, an archaeological exhibition in the Svijany Castle or a miniature exhibition showcasing original furnishings or historical souvenirs at Ještěd.

Metelka mechanical nativity scene

The mechanical nativity scene made by Václav Metelka from Sklenařice near Vysoké nad Jizerou serves as a unique evidence of the crèche making tradition in the western part of the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše). It was made by Jáchym Metelka (1825–1902) followed by his son Václav (1866–1954).

Muzejní věž

Nová instalace v muzejní věži – nejdelší skleněný žebřík na světě od bratrů Salanských.